New Hiring – Sanghita Sengupta

  • 17th December 2020

Dr Sanghita Sengupta joined the SPRING DIPC team on 17.12.2020 as a postdoctoral researcher focusing on developing theory for spin physics in graphene-based nanostructures.

She graduated from University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA, with a PhD in Materials Science in 2018, and held a Prize postdoctoral fellow at the Institute Quantique, Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, before coming to San Sebastian.

Her main interest lies in theoretical condensed matter physics and materials science, with a specific focus on topological phases of matter, non-equilibrium dynamics of isolated systems, and surface phenomena in Dirac materials and Weyl semimetals. Typically Dr. Sanghita Sengupta’s research projects combine analytical studies with numerical techniques, often tailor-designed for the particular problem. Developing new theoretical tools that incorporate methods from quantum field theory, many-body Green’s function formalism and Boltzmann transport theory is only one of her many skills.

We welcome Dr. Sanghita Sengupta in our SPRING team and look forward to work together!

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1 thought on “New Hiring – Sanghita Sengupta

  1. Congratulations Sanghita!
    Hope she will enjoy working with the Spring Team at the reputed Institute like San Sebastion . With her acquired skill and experience in the field I am sure Sanghita will be able to contribute considerably to the current project.

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