The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford

UOXF is a world-class university in teaching and research, with the largest volume of world-leading research of any UK university. UOXF has well-established management structures and procedures at institutional and departmental level to support researchers and their projects. UOXF was awarded the EC’s HR Excellence in Research award for its systems and practices. The Department of Physics is one of the largest physics departments in the world, employing over 122 academics, more than 398 research and support staff and with an intake of around 100 graduate research students each year. Six UOXF physics graduates have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, with a further five Nobel Prize winners choosing to work in the Department after the receipt of their award. The Department’s turnover is typically in excess of 69 million euros including expenditure on grants and it currently holds research grants worth 203 million euros. Total EC awards are worth approximately 30 million euros. The Department is proud to hold the Athena Swan Silver Award, which recognises and celebrates good practice in equality, diversity and support for its staff. Members of the Condensed Matter Physics sub-department carry out world-leading research in a wide range of areas, including the structure of ordered and disordered solids, electronic properties, electron correlations in quantum materials, superconductors, spin electronics, nano-materials, quantum information processing, organic molecular crystals, photonic crystals, biological physics, molecular motors, functional membrane proteins, DNA nanostructures, nano-electronics and nano-optics.



Main tasks: Development of methods for transferring open-shell graphene nanostructures to different environments; ESR detection of electron spins; detection of nuclear spins and their hyperfine coupling; coherent manipulation of graphene electron and nuclear spins through Pulsed Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) based spectroscopies.

Expertise/profile: Extensive experience of continuous-wave and pulsed electron spin resonance experiments in spin-bearing molecular complexes and pulsed electron spin resonance.


Universal quantum control of an atomic spin qubit on a surface

Yu Wang, Masahiro Haze, Hong T. Bui, We-hyo Soe, Herve Aubin, Arzhang Ardavan, Andreas J. Heinrich and Soo-hyon Phark.
[ ] [ DOI ]

Probing resonating valence bond states in artificial quantum magnets

Kai Yang, Soo-Hyon Phark, Yujeong Bae, Taner Esat, Philip Willke, Arzhang Ardavan , Andreas J. Heinrich and Christopher P. Lutz
Nature Commun.,12, 993 (2021)
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Coherent electric field manipulation of Fe3+ spins in PbTiO3

Junjie Liu, Valentin V. Laguta, Katherine Inzani, Weichuan Huang, Sujit Das, Ruchira Chatterjee, Evan Sheridan, Sinéad M. Griffin, Arzhang Ardavan and Ramamoorthy Ramesh
Science Advances, 7, 10, eabf8103 (2021)
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