SPRING SPin Research IN Graphene

What’s the SPRING Project

Magnetism is a property that had been missing from graphene’s impressive list of physical properties – until now. Owing to its unconventional magnetic properties, graphene has been touted as a promising material for spintronics applications. The ambition of the EU-funded SPRING project is to develop an all-graphene platform, where spins can be used for transporting, storing and processing information. Researchers from different disciplines will collaborate to fabricate atomically precise open-shell graphene nanostructures, and manipulate their electron spin and charge, and nuclear spin state. The aim is to test the potential of graphene as a fundamental building block for spintronic devices.

Postdoctoral position on spin dynamics in graphene nanostructures

Postdoctoral position on spin dynamics in graphene nanostructures

We are seeking for candidates to fill a Postdoctoral position in experimental physics, in the fields of molecular physics and condensed matter,…

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New Hiring – Sumin Lim

New Hiring – Sumin Lim

We are pleased to inform you about yet another successful hiring for our team partner from Oxford University. As Postdoctoral Researcher, Sumin…

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Coherent electric field manipulation of Fe3+ spins in PbTiO3

Junjie Liu, Valentin V. Laguta, Katherine Inzani, Weichuan Huang, Sujit Das, Ruchira Chatterjee, Evan Sheridan, Sinéad M. Griffin, Arzhang Ardavan and Ramamoorthy Ramesh
Science Advances, 7, 10, eabf8103 (2021)
[ ] [ DOI ] [ Open Access ] [ Supplementary Information ]

Monday morning greetings from the SPRING team: We are happy to share with you our Pamphlet that explains what the project is about in a fun way! @DIPCehu @nanoGUNE @QM_Oxford @IBMResearch @tudelft @UniversidadeUSC
#EU_H2020 #EU #nanotechnology #science
Graphic design @scixel

¡Empezamos el #verano con una nueva incursión #ELECMI! Hoy conoceremos muy de cerca el Microscopio de efecto túnel Joule-Thompson (JT-STM en adelante), ¡el Ferrari de los microscopios de efecto túnel capaz de trabajar a tan solo 1K de temperatura! #ICTSnews #comunicaciencia


Yesterday it was time to @RingAScientist to give the 9th & 10th grade of the Siegtal-Gymnasium Eitorf a virtual tour through our lab, explaining what we do at SPRING in @nanoGUNE & how oneself can become a researcher. Big thanks to Niklas Friedrich for @cienciaparaelf2

Very exciting news are shared right now at the @springfetopen 4th update meeting! Thanks to our consortium partners @IBMResearch @UniversidadeUSC @tudelft @nanoGUNE @ciqususc @QM_Oxford @DIPCehu #EU_H2020 #EU #spintronics #graphene #nanotechnologie #physics #chemistry #science

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