SPRING SPin Research IN Graphene

What’s the SPRING Project

Magnetism is a property that had been missing from graphene’s impressive list of physical properties – until now. Owing to its unconventional magnetic properties, graphene has been touted as a promising material for spintronics applications. The ambition of the EU-funded SPRING project is to develop an all-graphene platform, where spins can be used for transporting, storing and processing information. Researchers from different disciplines will collaborate to fabricate atomically precise open-shell graphene nanostructures, and manipulate their electron spin and charge, and nuclear spin state. The aim is to test the potential of graphene as a fundamental building block for spintronic devices.

New Hiring – Shantanu Mishra

New Hiring – Shantanu Mishra

We are pleased to welcome Postdoctoral Researcher Shantanu Mishra who joined the SPRING IBM team led by Dr. Leo Gross on 01.02.2021.…

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New Hiring – Gabriel Moise

New Hiring – Gabriel Moise

In the beginning of this year, 2021, the research group around Arzhang Ardavan at the University of Oxford welcomed a new team…

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Topological phase transition in chiral graphene nanoribbons: from edge bands to end states

Jingcheng Li, Sofia Sanz, Nestor Merino-Díez, Manuel Vilas-Varela, Aran Garcia-Lekue, Martina Corso, Dimas G. de Oteyza, Thomas Frederiksen, Diego Peña and Jose Ignacio Pascual

Want to be an "early bird" for the registration of "On-Surface Synthesis 2022" conference organised by @DIPCehu?
Then register until the 31.05. Afterwards regular registration can be done until the 30.06. :
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The @springfetopen team wishes you a successful scientific week!
🧑‍🔬How about starting with a short clip about our partner @nanoGUNE featuring Niklas Friedrich @cienciaparaelf2 explaining what we actually do? #EU_H2020 #H2020 #FET_eu #EU #nanoscience #nanoimaging #graphene

Have a look at the latest PRL publication our @springfetopen partner @nanoGUNE teamed up for to further investigate on #magnetic impurities in superconductors:
Also have a look at our publication list here:

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