SPRING SPin Research IN Graphene

What’s the SPRING Project

Magnetism is a property that had been missing from graphene’s impressive list of physical properties – until now. Owing to its unconventional magnetic properties, graphene has been touted as a promising material for spintronics applications. The ambition of the EU-funded SPRING project is to develop an all-graphene platform, where spins can be used for transporting, storing and processing information. Researchers from different disciplines will collaborate to fabricate atomically precise open-shell graphene nanostructures, and manipulate their electron spin and charge, and nuclear spin state. The aim is to test the potential of graphene as a fundamental building block for spintronic devices.

Postdoctoral position on spin physics in graphene-based nanostructures at DIPC, Donostia-San Sebastián

Postdoctoral position on spin physics in graphene-based nanostructures at DIPC, Donostia-San Sebastián

Graphene and related materials have emerged as an ideal solution to combine spin localization and diffusion. These atomically thin materials can be…

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Detection of magnetization in triangulene-like molecules

Detection of magnetization in triangulene-like molecules

Published in Arxiv our last paper demonstrating that a triangulene-like molecule develops a Spin 1 ground state. Graphene can develop large magnetic moments…

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Prof. Geza Giedke, member of our @DIPCinv node, is invited to talk at the 5th School and #Conference on Spin-Based Quantum Information Processing (#Spin #Qubit 5) in Donostia / San Sebastian, September 6-11, 2020 http://spinqubit5.dipc.org/

SPRING (@springfetopen ) project coordinador (Prof. José Ignacio Pascual, @NatxoPas ) is taking part in the @nanoGUNE 2020 Winter School talking about #science and #industry #skillsforscience #transferableskills https://twitter.com/nanoGUNE/status/1227930438729175041


Second day of the 2020 Winter School with @NatxoPas #RaulPerez-Jimenez #skills4scienceandIndustry and 30 students from Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey and UK. 3

Diego Peña Gil: "Un buen ejercicio es imaginar la vida sin química. Por ejemplo, una intervención sin anestesia" https://www.elcorreogallego.es/galicia/ecg/diego-pena-gil-un-buen-ejercicio-es-imaginar-vida-quimica-ejemplo-intervencion-anestesia/idEdicion-2020-02-08/idNoticia-1228643

"Inducing magnetism in atomically precise graphene nanostructures" at #Nanoimaging group and 8 more stimulating research projects linked with the prestigious La Caixa INPhINIT Fellowship program.

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