Fundación Donostia International Physics Center

The DIPC is a non-profit research centre whose main goal is to promote and catalyse high-level basic and oriented research in condensed matter physics, materials science, and nanoscience. Since its creation in 1999, DIPC has been an open institution serving as platform for the development and internationalization of research in its closer scientific environment and early on became an international hub between the local community of researchers and a world-wide network of elite scientists. In 2017, DIPC hosted 306 researchers from 35 countries, including 19 senior Ikerbasque researchers leading the research groups. The Nanoelectronics group is focused on developing theory and simulation tools to describe and understand nanostructures and interfaces from atomistic models. The group works on quantum transport theory and electronic structure methods, uses supercomputing facilities to perform large-scale simulations based on density functional theory and nonequilibrium Green’s functions, and develops new methodology and code implementations to advance the field.



Main tasks: Development of theory and methods to describe spin radicals and spin-spin interactions, and electron transport in relevant graphene systems; provide theory and simulations to experimental partners.

Expertise/profile: Density functional theory; tight-binding and mean-field Hubbard models; theory of scanning probe microscopies; electronic structure and transport in graphene nanosystems; molecule-surface interactions; surface chemistry; quantum information theory.


Energy dissipation of a carbon monoxide molecule manipulated using a metallic tip on copper surfaces

Okabayashi, N (Okabayashi, Norio); Frederiksen, T (Frederiksen, Thomas); Liebig, A (Liebig, Alexander) and Giessibl, FJ (Giessibl, Franz J.)
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 108, 16 (2023)
[ ] [ DOI ]

Orbital-symmetry effects on magnetic exchange in open-shell nanographenes

Du, QY (Du, Qingyang); Su, XL (Su, Xuelei); Liu, YF (Liu, Yufeng); Jiang, YS (Jiang, Yashi); Li, C (Li, Can); Yan, KK (Yan, KaKing); Ortiz, R (Ortiz, Ricardo); Frederiksen, T (Frederiksen, Thomas); Wang, SY (Wang, Shiyong) and Yu, P (Yu, Ping)
[ ] [ DOI ] [ Open Access ]

Hyperfine interactions in open-shell planar sp2-carbon nanostructures

Sengupta, S (Sengupta, Sanghita); Frederiksen, T (Frederiksen, Thomas) and Giedke, G (Giedke, Geza)
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 107, 22 (2023)
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