SPRING Newsletter #3

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Movie “Getting in shape”

This short animated cartoon with integrated real life footage shows the SPRINGfetopen project and their consortium partners. The cartoon illustrates the commencing of research on graphene in the past 10 years and what SPRING aims to achieve in the ambition to improve spin-based logic devices for everyone. In addition, you can get an insight into the work and the […]

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The first atomic-resolution images of extraterrestrial molecules

Meteorites are fragments of asteroids (and, potentially, comets) that reach the Earth’s surface intact. They’re leftovers from the solar system’s formation, providing clues to its history in the molecules they contain. Thanks to our latest research, published today in Meteoritics and Planetary Science, we can now read those clues a little better.   Most primitive meteorites […]

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A prestigious ERC Synergy Grant awarded to Diego Peña (USC) and Leo Gross (IBM)

The European Research Council (ERC), the most important scientific funding agency in Europe, awards one of the 34 Synergy Grants to an international collaborative project co-led by the CiQUS PI Diego Peña. The Center for Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials (CiQUS) at the USC, and research partners IBM Research and Universität Regensburg, have […]

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Graphene nanoribbons for emerging quantum technologies

In the last decades, a mathematical description of symmetries in nature called topology has been applied to describe and predict new electronic and magnetic properties of materials. A very simple aspect of topology connects a symmetry in the atomic structure of a crystal with a class of materials. Many materials that we know or use […]

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Welcome to the cartoon world of SPRING! You can get a quick glimpse of what we do in a fun and entertaining way by reading through our pamphlet. We put a lot of effort into displaying the initial idea, the mission, the used techniques and futuristic vision of SPRING into this fun document to break down […]

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Springfetopen #1 Newsletter

Welcome to the first Springfetopen project Newsletter! We are happy to have you on board to dive into the success story of our SPin Research IN Graphene project. Be prepared to learn about our vision and objectives, the scientific research results we achieved, read about members of our consortium and find out what has happened throughout the […]

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Unraveling the magnetism of a graphene triangular flake

Unraveling the magnetism of a graphene triangular flake Graphene is a diamagnetic material, this is, unable of becoming magnetic. However, a triangular piece of graphene is predicted to be magnetic. This apparent contradiction is a consequence of “magic” shapes in the structure of graphene flakes, which force electrons to “spin” easier in one direction. Triangulene […]

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