Welcome to the cartoon world of SPRING! You can get a quick glimpse of what we do in a fun and entertaining way by reading through our pamphlet. We put a lot of effort into displaying the initial idea, the mission, the used techniques and futuristic vision of SPRING into this fun document to break down […]

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Postdoctoral position on spin dynamics in graphene nanostructures

We are seeking for candidates to fill a Postdoctoral position in experimental physics, in the fields of molecular physics and condensed matter, to perform research within the framework of the H2020 – FET Open project SPRING (Spin Research in Graphene). The SPRING project explores the potential of graphene nanostructures to host localized spins, to build […]

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New Hiring – Sumin Lim

We are pleased to inform you about yet another successful hiring for our team partner from Oxford University. As Postdoctoral Researcher, Sumin Lim started supporting the research group around Arzhang Ardavan. Together they research on ESR detection of electronic spins, their structure and dynamics in strongly correlated electron systems. Furthermore, Sumin adds great scientific interest […]

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New Hiring – Shantanu Mishra

We are pleased to welcome Postdoctoral Researcher Shantanu Mishra who joined the SPRING IBM team led by Dr. Leo Gross on 01.02.2021. His main research interests lie in studying tip-induced chemistry and electronic structure of open-shell graphene nanostructures on insulating thin films using scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy. Adding his expertise from studying […]

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New Hiring – Gabriel Moise

In the beginning of this year, 2021, the research group around Arzhang Ardavan at the University of Oxford welcomed a new team member. Gabriel Moise started his research career at UOXF finishing both his master and PhD at our SPRING partner node. He was involved in the study of the spin-correlated radical pairs in a […]

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New Hiring – Sanghita Sengupta

Dr Sanghita Sengupta joined the SPRING DIPC team on 17.12.2020 as a postdoctoral researcher focusing on developing theory for spin physics in graphene-based nanostructures. She graduated from University of Vermont, Burlington, VT, USA, with a PhD in Materials Science in 2018, and held a Prize postdoctoral fellow at the Institute Quantique, Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec, […]

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Springfetopen #1 Newsletter

Welcome to the first Springfetopen project Newsletter! We are happy to have you on board to dive into the success story of our SPin Research IN Graphene project. Be prepared to learn about our vision and objectives, the scientific research results we achieved, read about members of our consortium and find out what has happened throughout the […]

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New Hiring – Electronic Properties at the Nanoscale – Carlos Garcia Fernández

We are pleased to inform you about the successful hiring of Postdoctoral Researcher Carlos Garcia Fernández. Carlos will add tremendous knowledge to the  Materials Physics Department of our project partner DIPC. He is specialized in the field of Electronic structure, magnetism, and quantum transport in graphene nanostructures. Starting the 1rst of October 2020, Carlos works […]

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Postdoctoral position on electronic structure, magnetism, and quantum transport in graphene nanostructures at DIPC, Donostia-San Sebastian

Graphene and related materials have emerged as an ideal solution to combine spin localization and diffusion. These atomically thin materials can be fabricated with atomic precision, opening the door to fabrication of designer structures with precise shape, composition, spin arrangement, and interconnected by graphene electrodes for electrostatic or quantum gates. In relation to our participation […]

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